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Homeowner liability covered since 2015

Don’t Take Our Word for It...

The claims process is insanely simple to go through, especially compared to other industry companies in vacation rentals. It’s also a really, really powerful thing when you can make a claim on something that isn’t necessarily accidental.
Natile e Riorda
Monarch Luxury Villas
I love working with everyone at Safely!
They’re all kind, approachable if I have a problem I can always talk to a real person. And, everyone in their different departments can help me whether it’s financing, claims, or just questions. Everybody Needs a Lui!
Raina Pratt
Enjoy Montana VR
We came on to Safely about three years ago, prior to that we were self-insuring which worked for us pretty well but then we discovered that Safely offered a lot more protection for ourselves and for our owners so it’s been a great move for us.
Pam White
White Sail Realty
Safely is easily five years ahead of the marketon vacation rental security. Their innovative approach added nearly 20% to my gross profit and real peace of mind to my homeowners.

Scott Drexel
Florida VRMA
Safely, Renters Insurance, Atlanta, GA
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