3.8 days
to pay your claim
Homeowner liability covered since 2015
3.8 days
to pay your claim
Homeowner liability covered since 2015
Safely and Bella Palazzo together provide the most comprehensive per-night vacation rental insurance in the industry.
Property Damage & Bodily Injury up to


Guest’s Liability – Damage to Owners Home
Guest’s Liability – Damage to Other Structures
Owner’s Liability – Bodily Injury

Damage to Contents & Belongings up to


Guest’s Liability – Damage to Owner’s Contents
Owner’s Liability – Damage to Guest’s Belongings

$100 deductible per claim.

Exclusions: Force majeure, uninsured periods, loss that cannot be tied to an insured rental, damage not caused by the guest. Damage caused by: weather, normal wear and tear, formal events. Liability related to: use of recreational equipment (ATVs, golf cart, bikes, kayaks), pets (including bites), bed bugs, viruses, bacteria, invasion of privacy, injuries a guest causes to another guest, damages a guest causes to neighbors, or property not maintained by the named insured.

Limitations: Covered up to $200: money, banknote, bullion, gold other than goldware, silver other than silverware, platinum other than platinum-ware, coins, medals, smart cards. Covered up to $2500: securities, accounts, deeds, evidences of debt, letters of credit, notes other than bank notes, manuscripts, personal records, passports, tickets and stamps, watercraft, trailers, theft or damage of jewelry, watches, furs precious and semiprecious stones, art work, firearms, silverware, goldware, platinum-ware.

If a loss occurs during the rental period, guest should promptly notify the property manager. Property managers should contact Safely at concierge@safely.com.

Insurance is underwritten by Voyager Indemnity Insurance Company. Coverage, exclusions, and limitations shown above are examples of coverage and not intended to represent all coverages and exclusions. See policy for complete details.
Florida VRMA
Safely, Renters Insurance, Atlanta, GA

SafelyStay, Inc. offers insurance and services in some states through its licensed insurance agency, On Demand Insurance Agency, LLC. Here is a list of states in which it operates. Safely is paid commissions and may receive other compensation for its services. Safely does not and does not intend to sell insurance products outside of the states in which it is licensed.

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