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Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance from Aegis gives guests the freedom to book in an uncertain world. Are you a short-term rental guest looking to buy travel insurance for an upcoming trip?
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You can’t plan for the unexpected.

Travel Insurance helps short-term rental tourists recover up to 100% of their trip costs for covered losses such as illness, trip cancellations, delays, and more. Guests can obtain travel insurance through the Aegis application.
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Travel insurance

How does it work?

Natural disasters, delays, or medical emergencies can leave guests scrambling to change plans and out of pocket for additional costs. Travel insurance helps guests recover the financial burden of covered events that impact their trips.
Here’s how to get started:
Guest books a trip to your short-term rental
They visit the Aegis quotes page and provide the following details:
  • Number of Travelers
  • Total Trip Costs
  • Their state of residence
  • Destination Countries
  • Travel Dates
  • Date they paid for their trip

Once they’re covered, if a qualified event interrupts their plans, they file a claim by emailing and Aegis will take it from there!

What’s Included With Travel Insurance From Aegis?
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We came on to Safely about three years ago, prior to that we were self-insuring which worked for us pretty well but then we discovered that Safely offered a lot more protection for ourselves and for our owners so it’s been a great move for us.


Safely has a very fast response rate, and a solid customer service base that is quick to answer our questions.


Your team members have been absolutely phenomenal when answering any questions I may have during the process. Safely has my endorsement without question, the entire team has been excellent to work with any time we’ve had an issue.


Your claim process was as simple and as user friendly as was promised. We are now very loyal to Safely and your program. Thanks for making the process simple and for not making it confrontational with our guests. It is my hope that you remain successful for a long time. You are a game changer for those of us that are owners.


After years of the tedious process of filing claims with Airbnb, Safely is such a refreshing change!

Frequently asked questions

You may have some questions.

Travel Insurance does not give you the ability to cancel your trip for any reason. Only certain conditions are covered. Please refer to the list above for details on what is covered by your Travel Insurance policy.

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Baggage & Personal Effects

Some policies offer coverage from loss, theft or damage to baggage, personal effects, passports, travel documents, credit cards, and visas during a trip. A typical limitation for this type of coverage includes a reimbursement maximum for the first item and then an aggregate amount for all remaining items covered in a loss.

Travel Related Pet Medical Expenses

If your cat or dog who is traveling with you suffers an injury or sickness that requires treatment by a veterinarian, this coverage could pay for the costs up to a certain limit.

Rental Car Collision

If your rental vehicle is damaged while on a trip due to collision, vandalism, theft, windstorm, fire, hail or flood, while in your possession, this coverage could pay for repairs and rental charges or in some cases the actual cash value of the vehicle.

Trip Delay

Traffic jams, airport delays, inclement weather, and more can prevent you from starting a trip on time. These delays could prevent you from reaching your destination and you might end up paying extra charges due to a delay. This coverage can pay for these incurred expenses up to a certain limit.

Trip Cancelation

Trip cancellation coverage can reimburse you up to the covered limit for prepaid, non-refundable travel related costs. What kind of prepaid costs? Basically, any prepaid travel related costs that wouldn’t be refunded if you canceled your trip before your scheduled departure date. Some common prepaid, non-refundable costs might include:

  • Deposits for hotels, cruises, or tours.

  • Pre-arranged expenses like theme park tickets or other attraction fees.

  • Rent for vacation homes or similar properties.

Covered events

Trip cancellation benefits will kick in if you cancel your trip before your scheduled departure date and if you cancel due to a covered event as explained in the policy. Some of the events may include (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Sickness, injury, or death of a family member which prevents the trip from starting.

  • Natural disasters like hurricanes or vandalism and burglaries which makes the destination uninhabitable.

  • You or a traveling companion is laid off or terminated.

  • Your passport is lost or stolen within 30 days of trip departure and you need the passport to reach your destination.

Accident and Sickness Medical Expense

If you or a traveling companion suffers an injury or sickness that requires treatment by a physician, some or all of the medical expenses could be covered with this benefit. Here are some common covered expenses you might see on your policy:

1. Services of a physician or registered nurse (R.N.).

2. Hospital charges.

3. Hospital ancillary services (including, but not limited to, use of the operating room or emergency room).

4. Use of an Ambulatory Medical Center.

5. X-rays.

6. Artificial limbs, artificial eyes, artificial teeth, or other prosthetic devices.

7. Rental of durable medical equipment (such as a wheelchair or a hospital bed).

8. Anesthetics (including administration), treatments, transfusions and laboratory tests ordered by the attending physician.

9. Medicines or drugs administered by a physician or that can be obtained only with a Physician’s written prescription.

10. The cost of emergency dental treatment only during a trip limited to the maximum limit shown in the schedule of benefits.