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5 Ways to Recruit New Homeowners

This post was contributed by Guesty, a short-term rental property management platform that automates and streamlines the daily, complex operations of managing flexible inventory. Safely.com partners with Guesty to promote innovation and growth in the short-term rental industry. Property management companies are eager to recoup any losses they may have incurred during COVID-19, and many are looking for ways to

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Comprehensive Vacation Rental

Reduce the Risk of Coronavirus with Vacation Rentals

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing the way we think about travel. As the number of coronavirus cases grows, airline ticket sales are declining, events are being canceled, and stock markets are falling steeply. Many people around the world are wondering, can I even take a vacation this year? The Answer Is: Yes. You can still travel during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Alligator Trip Protection

Vacation Rental Guest Screening in 2020

Online booking is now the norm, not the exception Successful vacation rental property managers must be willing to accept bookings shortly after someone submits their credit card information. But trusting people without screening them first can have dire consequences. You could damage relationships with neighbors. Your home could get wrecked and become unavailable for months. Or worse. We believe that

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Giraffe Accident

The Problems with Vacation Rental Self Insurance

Vacation rental insurance is complex. For this reason, some property managers choose to self-insure, rather than working with a professional insurance company. The problem is, self-insurance opens your business up to a great deal of risk. It also doesn’t provide the level of protection guests, homeowners, and property managers need to stay safe in the modern vacation rental industry. Let’s

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Vacation Rental Security Tips 2020

In the global sharing economy, the demand for genuine experiences and unique vacation rentals is skyrocketing. This means there are tremendous opportunities for property managers to grow their businesses. At the same time, however, this opportunity comes with an increased level of risk and uncertainty, especially for vacation homes. The truth is, because most homeowners still don’t trust strangers with their

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How to boost your vacation rental’s appeal to business travelers

Today, many business travelers are comparing vacation rentals to hotels when researching where to stay during a work trip. Their mindset has shifted away from “vacation rentals” being only for leisure trips. For business travelers, their main concerns are that is a vacation rental offers similar amenities, convenience, and comfort to a hotel. Business travelers are rapidly adjusting to this

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Vacation Rental Technology

This is another installment in our ongoing series focusing on technology that fuels vacation rental success. See more here. Did you know that only 4.3% of vacation rental owners list their property on the top six vacation rental listing sites? This might not surprise you, since the vast majority of vacation rentals are not listed on multiple sites. That same research found

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5 Reasons to Book a Vacation Home

Many people want to escape the unruly demands of everyday life, without having to compromise the things they value most when vacationing. We came up with 5 compelling reasons why renting a vacation home over booking a hotel room might be the way to go when planning your next family vacation. 1. Space Let’s be honest. There’s nothing exciting about

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The State of the Vacation Rental Industry

It’s a story of opportunity. Whether you’re a homeowner, a property manager, a traveler or all of the above, you have the ability to participate in and influence a market that is growing right beneath our feet. Yes, it’s a little bit wild west at the moment. And while there are certainly risks, the rewards are at least equally as

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Andrew’s Travel Hacks

Andrew is on the road a lot. A lot a lot. Here, he shares his list of must-have travel items. 1 + 2 A universal power adapter by Swiss company, Skross, and passport with extra pages and an unmarked electronic-shielded passport cover by Mori Luggage ensures Bate is ready to travel beyond U.S. borders on short notice. 3 + 4

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Sleeping with Strangers (ITIJ)

It’s good to share – or is it? The sharing economy is tipped to triple in size, with some sources predicting revenues will reach US$20 billion globally by 2020. Robin Gauldie, writing for the International Travel and Health Insurance Journal, finds out how the insurance industry might adapt to best protect those booking travel and accommodation via these increasingly popular channels.

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How to Avoid a Vacation Rental Nightmare (The Huffington Post)

You scoured vacation rental sites and reviews for weeks to find the right place for your upcoming getaway. The home listing said it’s “steps from the beach” and the rooms looked spacious and clean. You’ve paid in full and are ready to start relaxing only to arrive at the property to find a completely different image than the photos you’ve

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House Rental Horror Stories – Golfers Gone Wild

“They seemed like such nice guys. And then they played a round of golf – real golf – not the Wii version – in our living room. When we got home there was shattered glass everywhere and we had to replace two walls. Apparently, one guy had a pretty wicked slice in his swing.” Safely does two things for homeowners

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