About Safely

Our mission is to help you feel confident in who’s staying in your short-term rentals and protect you against damage that occurs during a guest’s stay.

Safely was founded to fill a gap in the short-term rental industry.

Andrew Bate, our CEO and co-founder, saw sophisticated homeowners leaving their secondary homes empty for up to 48 weeks each year because they were worried about letting internet strangers sleep in their beds. Andrew set out to build a team of travel, insurance, technology, and data science experts to create a product that improved the chance of a safe stay and protected homeowners and property managers in case things went wrong.

Today, we’ve partnered with the best insurance carriers, background check, and short-term rental technology providers to create an ecosystem of trust, care, and data to make the sharing economy safer than ever.

Our Team

At Safely, our people are what make the difference. Unlike traditional insurance providers, filing a claim isn’t a hassle because on the other side of every email or phone call is a Safely team member who will give your issue the attention it deserves. With experience in every sector, from Insurtech and data science to vacation rental property management and SaaS development, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the table. Every decision, from product development and sales to marketing and customer happiness, is made with our customers in mind.
Andrew Bate
Andrew Bate
Chief Executive Officer
Stuart Bate
Chief Technology Officer
Tina Grimes
Vice President of People
Amber Harris
Head of Insurance Claims
Randy Holmes
Chief Product Officer
Jamey King
Vice President of Travel Partnerships
Lui King
Head of Partnerships
Heather Lewitt
Managing Director Europe
Amanda Martins
Director of Customer Happiness
Mark Neville
Vice President of Finance and Operations
Spencer Prahl
Senior Vice President of Sales
Lance Weatherby
Head of Marketing
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Our Partners

Part of making an exceptional short-term rental protection product is making it simple for you to cover every reservation seamlessly. We’re integrated with leading property management systems and technology providers to keep you covered without having to lift a finger. Our onboarding specialists make it easy to set up your property management system with Safely.