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Short-Term Rental Insurance
For Property Managers

Mitigate Risk, Maximize Revenue.

If you are a professional Property Management Company using a property management system to oversee a portfolio of 10 or more rentals, Safely will support you with automated guest verification, and short-term rental insurance to protect your homeowners, your guests, and your business.
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Homeowners Trust You

With Safely, Homeowners Trust You

As a property manager, you know better than anyone that homeowner trust is the key to growing your short-term rental management portfolio. By choosing Safely and insurance through its affiliate, On Demand, you get the coverage your business deserves and the protection your property owners can depend on. Having providers you trust will help you attract new customers and retain existing relationships.

Your goal is to make homeowners' lives easier and protect their investments. Our goal is to do the same for you, all while helping you increase revenue.
Here’s how the Safely Protection Plan and On Demand do it:

Simplify Operations

Safely seamlessly integrates with top property management systems (PMS) and has direct APIs for direct booking sites so all stays are automatically covered, saving you time.

Drive Revenue

You can incorporate the cost of insurance coverage through On Demand into your fees. You won’t have to pass that cost on to the homeowner, and you can even make a profit.

Keep Your 5-Star Rating

You never have to worry about potentially risking a bad review by involving a guest in a claim. We will keep your property and your reputation protected.

Cover Everyone

Unlike most insurance companies, each policy has three named parties on every stay - the property manager, the homeowner, and the guest.

Attract New Homeowners

We give you resources and tools to provide to homeowners you’re looking to do business with, to show them your commitment to protecting their investment.

File Claims Easily - Get Paid Faster

The claim process with On Demand is easy and can be done in three steps. The insurance provided through On Demand covers everything from a broken wine glass to a broken bone. On Demand’s goal is to pay claims as quickly as possible, with 80% of claims paid in a week.
Safely Protection Plan For Short-Term Rental Insurance From On Demand Cover

What Does The Safely Protection Plan For Short-Term Rental Insurance From On Demand Cover

Commercial short-term rental insurance from On Demand covers guest-caused damage to the property's contents and structure and provides liability protection to the homeowner and property manager for guest injury.
Personal property damaged by guests

Replacement cost up to $25,000 for personal property damaged by guests

Guest-caused structural damage

Up to $1,000,000 for guest-caused structural damage, including labor and material costs

Liability coverage for guest injury

Up to $1,000,000 in homeowner and property manager liability coverage for guest injury

And, with guest screening, you know your guests are who they say they are.
SafelyStay Policy claims process is 3 Easy Steps

The SafelyStay Policy claims process is 3 Easy Steps (the claim related information below is provided by On Demand)

Step 1
Take pictures of the damage
Provide the with basic evidence. All you need to do is snap photos of the damage, provide a receipt or estimate for the cost(s) with a brief description and On Demand can pursue your claim.
Step 2
Submit your
The stress-free claims process means you don’t have to confront guests or get them to accept blame. Your guest reviews are safe, and you’ll receive a quicker response.
Step 3
Let us handle
the rest
Your claim is swiftly dealt with so you receive payouts fast. Make the repairs or replacements you need and you’ll soon be ready for your next guest.
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See What Satisfied Safely Customers Have to Say:

We came on to Safely about three years ago, prior to that we were self-insuring which worked for us pretty well but then we discovered that Safely offered a lot more protection for ourselves and for our owners so it’s been a great move for us.


Your team members have been absolutely phenomenal when answering any questions I may have during the process. Safely has my endorsement without question, the entire team has been excellent to work with any time we’ve had an issue.


They’re all kind, approachable if I have a problem I can always talk to a real person. And, everyone in their different departments can help me whether it’s financing, claims, or just questions.


After years of the tedious process of filing claims with Airbnb, Safely is such a refreshing change!


The claims process is insanely simple to go through, especially compared to other industry companies in vacation rentals. It’s also a really, really powerful thing when you can make a claim on something that isn’t necessarily accidental.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about vacation rental insurance for property managers.

A short-term rental property manager needs specialized insurance to cover property owners, renters, and themselves. Property managers need short-term rental insurance and business liability insurance underwritten by a specialized insurance provider.

Property managers need true short-term rental insurance coverage to protect guests, property owners, and themselves in the event of a claim for property damage or personal liability coverage. Traditional homeowners insurance policies typically don’t cover short-term rental guests or damage caused by them. 

Airbnb,, and VRBO insurance don’t provide property managers with coverage options for renters who have booked directly and they have many limitations on what incidents they actually do cover. 

Property managers may face expensive property damage and personal liability claims that could cost them their short-term rental property. Instead, they should get appropriate insurance coverage in addition to a home insurance policy from a specialized insurance company.

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