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Reduce the Risk of Coronavirus with Vacation Rentals

Reduce the Risk of Coronavirus with Vacation Rentals

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing the way we think about travel.

As the number of coronavirus cases grows, airline ticket sales are declining, events are being canceled, and stock markets are falling steeply. Many people around the world are wondering, can I even take a vacation this year?

The Answer Is: Yes.

You can still travel during the coronavirus outbreak. But it’s important to be smart. Driving in your car is better than flying in an airplane. Also exposing yourself to small, tight-knit groups is better than sharing spaces with lots of other people. More than ever, it’s key to keep yourself healthy and use the right protocols to prevent germs.

Given the growing threat from the coronavirus, let’s take a closer look at how vacation rentals help you travel safely during the coronavirus outbreak.

Drive Instead of Fly

It’s no secret that air travel increases your exposure to germs. Airports are full of people from all over the world. And once you’re on the plane, everyone is breathing the same air and touching the same surfaces.

In response to the coronavirus, airline companies are breaking precedent by waiving change fees and adjusting flight schedules to affected areas. A new CDC guidance warns the elderly and those with underlying health problems to avoid “non-essential travel such as long plane trips.” With these serious warnings, it’s a good idea to consider visiting a destination you can drive to.

If you live in the eastern United States, and you need some beach time, you’re in luck. Places like Cape Cod, the Jersey Shore, the Outer Banks, and Hilton Head are famous for their abundance of vacation rental homes. If you live in Texas, the Gulf Coast is full of options. California residents can head in all directions. And people living in the Midwest and Mountain West might have to drive farther, but there are plenty of great places to visit. All you need to do is load up that car and head out.

Get Out of the City

High populations areas, by definition, escalate the coronavirus risk. So if you’re trying to quarantine yourself, traveling to a rural area that hasn’t had a coronavirus case is a good idea. Renting a home in the mountains or on the beach allows you to relax or even work remotely while the outbreak runs its course.

Stay Away from the Hotel Crowds

Hotels provide special amenities, but there’s no denying that you will be staying near other people. You often share complimentary breakfasts with other guests and hotel rooms turnover regularly. On the other hand, vacation rentals give you your own space to cook, hang out, and spend time with people you know aren’t sick.

By booking a vacation rental with a reputable management company, you can rest assured that the property has been properly cleaned and you’ll have your own place that won’t be affected by outsiders. You can enjoy amenities like private pools and beach access with your friends and family, without worrying about exposure to big groups and unwanted germs.

Take Care of Yourself

When the risk of getting sick is higher, it’s more important than ever to stay healthy. Even if your vacation rental has been cleaned thoroughly, it’s still a good idea to wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your face, and encourage the cleaning staff to disinfect frequently used surfaces. Also remember to take care of yourself, get regular exercise, and relax. That’s what vacations are for.

Travel Safely

Since our founding, we’ve been committed to helping people travel safely. The novel coronavirus presents many new travel issues that should not be taken lightly. Changing your plans and considering a vacation rental that you can drive to reduces your risk and provides a welcomed option to flying to a resort or hotel. Thanks for learning about how vacation rentals reduce the risk of the novel coronavirus outbreak. Stay healthy.

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