Sustainable Practices for Vacation Rental Managers

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Sustainable Practices for Vacation Rental Managers

You might not have given much thought to employing sustainable practices in managing your short-term rental property. Now is the time.

Emphasizing sustainability in your vacation rentals will help you maximize your profits by reducing your overall operating expenses. As a bonus, you’ll benefit your local ecosystem and the environment more generally. Here are some sustainable practices to consider implementing in your management process.

Replace Outdated Appliances

New vacation rental property managers sometimes install old or used household appliances to save on startup costs. While this might seem like a good idea, it can actually cost you more in the long run.

Older appliances contribute to energy waste. This is especially true of poorly maintained equipment, which often consumes more energy than the devices used when they were newer.

Investing in new appliances will drastically reduce your long-term energy costs. Newer models are more energy-efficient, making them ideal for properties where you might not have control over your renters’ actions. Moreover, newer pieces require less frequent repairs and come with manufacturers’ warranties for additional protection.

Install Low-Flow Plumbing

Another issue to consider when it comes to employing sustainable practices is water consumption.

Water waste can easily get out of hand when you have multiple guests staying in a large rental. Each guest will presumably bathe regularly and use water for cooking, cleaning, and oral hygiene. Traditional faucets, showerheads, and toilets waste more water than is necessary for these tasks.

Installing low-flow plumbing fixtures can give you better control over how much water your guests will use. They’ll still have enough water for their daily tasks, but the new fixtures prevent excess waste, meaning you’ll cut costs while conserving more water for your area.

Stock Up on Green Supplies

It’s important to think about your sustainability practices when creating a vacation rental inventory checklist. While you can’t avoid restocking the supplies your guests will need during their stay, you can ensure that they use green products. Consider providing chemical-free cleaning solutions and paper products made from recycled materials.

It’s also easy to get rid of many single-use products. For instance, you might store spices and condiments in glass jars or reusable plastic containers. Similarly, you can replace paper towels with cotton towels and washcloths.

Invest in Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is still a developing technology, but there are multiple solutions you can employ today to reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources. For example, installing wind turbines and solar panels can drastically reduce your electricity use.

Even if you can’t provide your vacation rental with energy solely from renewable sources, you can supplement the power you get from your energy company.

Some energy providers may offer to buy the excess energy your property collects. Vacation rental property managers should contact their local energy providers to learn more about the energy exchange programs in their areas.

Turn Your Rental Into a Smart Home

Vacation rental management requires addressing sustainability even when the property is vacant. Installing a smart thermostat and smart lighting elements will make this process easier.

You can control the settings of your lighting and appliances remotely via a mobile app on your phone. Doing so enables you to minimize the output of the HVAC system and keep the lighting low while the unit is temporarily unoccupied.

Finding respectful tenants will help you keep monthly energy costs low as well. Good guests will be considerate in their use of energy during their stay.

Safely offers guest-screening services to give you a better idea of who’s renting your property. Contact us to learn more about how these services can align with your sustainability practices.

Ask Your Guests to Recycle

As a vacation rental manager, you can help your guests maintain their eco-friendly lifestyles by offering recycling options.

Keep recycling bins on the property and encourage your guests to use them. Make sure to store the bins where they’re convenient and easily accessible. You’ll find that most of your guests will enjoy the opportunity to reduce the amount of waste they generate during their stay.

Guests who may not recycle at home can easily forget to recycle during their stay. To prevent this, leave polite reminders in places like the kitchen and bathrooms.

In addition to leaving friendly notes, you can provide information about your community’s recycling programs. Your guests will likely appreciate your sustainability efforts and pitch in to help.

Decorate Your Rental With Natural Elements

Landscaping is a key consideration in vacation rental management. The use of regular landscaping services can enhance the curb appeal of your rental property and keep destructive pests away from your home. Things like trees, flowers, and garden accessories can also create a more environmentally friendly atmosphere.

You can use indoor plants to decorate your vacation rentals and improve the air quality in your properties. Some indoor plants even provide health benefits that can contribute to your guests’ comfort. Consider bringing in plants that relieve stress to help your guests relax.

Remodel With Sustainability in Mind

Certain property features will require more maintenance and experience a faster rate of wear and tear. This maintenance can decrease the sustainability of your properties.

For example, carpets require constant vacuuming and shampooing and will become threadbare over time, even with regular cleaning. Installing hardwood or tile flooring will enable you to avoid consistent carpet care and replacement.

You might also get rid of fabric curtains, which require consistent attention and are known to trap bacteria and germs, replacing them with natural wood blinds. The latter is easier to clean and will keep your sustainable vacation rentals healthier for your guests.

Offer Your Guests Eco-Friendly Transportation Alternatives

Your guests probably won’t spend all of their time in the rental. You can help them stay green on the go by offering alternative transportation options or resources, like installing an EV charger or leaving loaner bicycles in the garage. Alternatively, you could provide information about local taxi services, ridesharing apps, and bus routes.

Asset Protection Contributes to Sustainability

Along with premier guest-screening services, Safely offers insurance coverage for short-term rental properties. Our comprehensive protection can help you keep your vacation rental business profitable and sustainable. Request a quote to get started.

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